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the comic is packed with comedy, fantasy and cool fighting (i think)! it is about a guy with cat like ears and he gets a powerful shape shifting sword who can talk! so enjoy the TWISTED tales of Leon & his talking sword!


» going Turbo: "retry"!

next week i am going to update at least 3 pages for the comic,
i'm sorry for the lame news i gave you!
so you guys just sit and wait for the pages to come!
until the next news!

» new name!

hi! I'm about to change the name of this comic.
i think that one page at a time doesn't fit anymore.
so i am going to change it into something more awesome :D
hope you won't get confused about it :D

» arg!

man i hate to say this but i am still without a computer =(
but i think i will have a computer soon :D i found a cheap one on the internet and so i am saving for it now! hope i get to update soon :D i have over 13 pages to update :O

» :(

bad news! my computer is dead :'(
i am now searching for another computer so i hope it will not take me too long. until then i'll keep on drawing.
i have almost 10-14 pages of this comic that i could work on in a computer.

» updates!

I'll try to update once a week!
and the first update will maybe be on Monday!
or sooner :D

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